Monday 23 April 2018
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How to Start Your Own Online Business

How to Start Your Own Online Business

Have you ever visited a website and thought that you could be doing that kind of business today? Do you have some insight into a particular type of business that you feel you would be great doing? If you have ever considered setting up your own online business but never did it because you thought the website part of it was too complicated, listen up.

Everyday more and more small business owners and smart entrepreneurs are going online and creating their own business empires on the net. True, there are a few things that you really do need to understand first, but most of them can be learned online by reading web business blogs and watching how-to videos on sites like YouTube.

They will show you important details such as how to download the software to create your own international payment gateway for your website, allowing you to do business around the world. But before you get to that, here are a few things you need to know in order to have a successful online business.

Make Sure Customers Can Find You Online

One of the biggest obstacles for any new business online is the sheer number of websites that are not only currently on the web, but the number that are being added to it each day. If it seems as if everyone from your Uncle Charlie with a cool hat design to the neighbor down the street who mows lawns is getting into the act, you would be right.

But lucky for you there are actually rules for how someone finds your website on the web. Because they would go onto a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find your website, the method is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is a set of rules that search engines make that tells you how they prioritize websites on searches, so you know what is important for you to do for your site.

Google writes a regular blog about this. If you work with someone who specializes in creating SEO-friendly websites, you can be sure your site is easier to find for prospective customers.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

There is nothing more discouraging for a person who really wants to buy a product or service from you then when they can’t figure out how to find your online store on your website. It might also be that they want more information about the product but can’t find the page that tells them this information.

Having a website that is easy to follow, has what web designers call an intuitive layout, is key to growing your sales online. After all, you wouldn’t hide your products under a tarp in a physical store, so why would you make it hard for customers online to find your products and buy them?

Pages should be easy to see, clearly defined and the menu dropdowns clearly defined. Don’t make your customers work for that purchase or they may go elsewhere! Beyond these two you will need to also market that business online, but that is a whole new article for another time.